Friday, January 17, 2014

September Girls

September Girls
by Bennett Madison

Sam would rather not spend his summer at this crappy, run-down beach town, but that's exactly where his (possibly insane?) father dragged him when his mother split without so much as a backward glance. Now Sam is stuck here with no one to hang out with except his estranged older brother and the population of bizarre, unusually-pretty blonde girls who act as if they're from another planet. So while his father roams the beach with a metal detector, convinced there is buried treasure somewhere out there, Sam spends his days watching bad daytime TV and looking for something to do.

Then he strikes up a conversation with one of the blondes, and everything changes. Between parties, trips to the local karaoke place, and just hanging out, Sam learns of an ancient curse involving these mysterious girls: Why they're unable to enter the ocean, why they can't leave the town, and what terrible fate awaits them at the end of each summer. Sam also learns that, by making a life-altering sacrifice, he might be able to break this curse. But will he have the courage to do what he needs to do? And, more accurately, will he even want to?

First of all, DO NOT let the cover fool you. This is NOT a romance book. At least, not in the traditional sense. Yes, boy does meet girl, but, really, that is sort of secondary to the story. Really, this is more of a mystery story that anything else. A mystery story with a distinctly and weirdly creepy edge to it and some very unexpected plot twists. Warning! This is one of those books that stays with you a while after you read it.

So if that sounds good, check out September Girls. --AJB

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