Monday, October 24, 2016

Giant Days, vol. 3, by John Allison

Welcome to Giant Days #3

The first semester at University is ending, and Susan, Daisy, and Esther are all wrapped up in their own dramas. 

At the forefront of this is a highly-heated campaign for Student Union President (fitting considering the 2016 presidential election, perhaps the most dramatic one ever, is only weeks away). When the school paper writes a tell-all expose about the current president's sketcky behavior, ol' Prez is forced to resign after a riot breaks out on campus. With the help of an anonymous "Deep Throat"-like character, Susan gets so caught up in the new campaign she neglects everything: Her friends, her schoolwork, her health, McGraw. 

And McGraw is none too pleased. Could mean it's over for these lovebirds. And on Susan's birthday at that! Poor Susan. And poor McGraw!

On top of the usual guy drama, Esther must face a terrifying blast from her past...which may not be so terrifying after all. 

Ed has been having trouble shaking the aftermath of a humiliating first date with an older woman. But fear not! Help comes from a surprisig source! (See: "Terrifying blast from the past")

And Daisy... Well, Daisy is the voice of reason who is trying to hold everyone and everything together amid the turmoil. But even the most reasonable, patient people have their limits.

But wait! Just when things seem like they're mellowing out for our heroines, just before the "To Be Continued..." ending, Esther drops a HUGE bombshell!

Ah, the plot thickens...

Fans of the series will be anxiously awaiting #4. (I know I am!)

This fun comic just keeps getting better. Giant Days has everything one could want in a great story: Well-developed characters, exciting plot lines, humor, tragedy, romance, drama... everything! --AJB

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