Friday, April 16, 2021

Fangs, by Sarah Anderson

A Vampire and a Werewolf walk into a club... and fall in love.

No, it's not the setup for a joke nor is it the plot of the latest Twilight-inspired fan fiction. It's the plot of Sarah Anderson's newest graphic novel, Fangs.

Elise is a 300-year-old vampire in the body of a 26-year-old Goth Girl. 

Jimmy is a young man who shapeshifts into a white wolf every Full Moon.

Based on other paranormal romance novels I've read, one wouldn't think this matchup should work out. At all. But somehow, despite their many differences (sleeping schedules, food preferences, spiritual beliefs, and otherwise), Elise and Jimmy are perfect for each other. Fangs is a peek into their life together, which, taking away all the paranormal stuff, really isn't much different than that of a normal couple.

Typically, I'd scoff at a paranormal romance. I mean, it's soooo 2009, right? But Fangs put a cheeky spin on the genre. It pokes fun at all the vampire and werewolf clich├ęs and weaves them into an opposites-attract romantic comedy that totally appeals to the dark side of my humor. And that I can truly appreciate!

Fangs can currently be found on the New shelf. IF it's not checked out, that is. 


Thursday, April 8, 2021

(Not Quite) Throwback Thursday

Growing up in the 80s & 90s, The Karate Kid saga was one of my jams, second only to The Goonies, which is still one of my Top Favorites of All Time. "Wax On, Wax Off" was part of my vocabulary. And I have a distinct memory of practicing the Crane Kick with my cousins in their basement after one of many repeat viewings of the movie (Side Note: We did not kick at each other, only attempted the iconic technique itself. However, we still wound up bruised and battered, as we landed on our behinds more than we did our feet).  And, as destiny would have it, my husband is a fan of the films too.

Which is why we've recently been enjoying watching Cobra Kai, a long-awaited continuation of the saga. A saga which never seemed finished in my eyes. At its simplest, the show tells what happens years after the credits rolled on Karate Kid 3 and gives more depth to both Johnny's and Daniel's characters (and also their continuing rivalry). But really, it's so much more. There's drama, there's romance, there's humor, there's Good Guys to root for and Villains to hate, and, of course, there are truly EPIC karate duels. All the while, the show attempts to stay true to the tone of the films. Plus, each episode is absolutely filled with Easter Eggs! Fans of the movies will have fun trying to spot them all.

True, I was somewhat concerned Cobra Kai would fall prey to the same Epilogue Curse that plagued both Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, thus diminishing my enjoyment of the original movies. I shouldn't have worried. Cobra Kai is Bad A--!! And I'm 100% happy I gave it a go. The only downside is the torture of waiting to watch the next season.

(Side Note: For more fun, check out the 2007 song and video that inspired the show)

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wayback Wednesday: The Lost Boys (dvd)

Welcome to Wayback Wednesday! 

With the recent release of Midnight Sun, Edward's spin on the Twilight dramaverse, vampires are, apparently, a Thing once again. And while the vampires of The Lost Boys (dvd-1987) don't sparkle in the sunshine as do Meyer's vamps, there is still plenty of fun to be had. 

It all starts when Michael and his younger brother, Sam, move to a small California town. Little do they realize, Luna Bay is home to a dark secret. While checking out the local nightlife, Michael falls in insta-love with the mysterious Star...who he follows back to an abandoned hotel. Here he meets David and a gang of local motorcycle-riding teens. David takes a liking to Michael and invites him to sit down and have a drink. Little does Michael know that David and Co. are vampires and the 'wine' he just sipped is actually vamperic blood. With this, Michael has taken his first step to transforming into a vampire, which he will do upon making his first kill. Meanwhile, Sam befriends a couple vampire conspiracy theorists at the local comic shop and, the more he hangs out with his new crew, the more convinced he is something sinister is going on with his older brother. In their research, the boys learn that the only way to save Michael is to kill the head vampire before Michael makes his first kill. But the clock is ticking. And the head vampire may not be who they think he (or she?) is.

Released more than 30 years ago, The Lost Boys has become a cult classic. The nonstop action, romance, and 80s Glam Rock vibe make this a fun film to watch. And, if you liked it (like I did), you'll be pleased to know there are two sequels. Although, as is typically the case, the sequels aren't as good as the original. 


Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter Egg Decorating Kits

March 29 - April 3

Stop by the Teen Department all this week and pick up an Egg Decorating Kit. There are Unicorn and Superhero kits available. 

Supplies are limited. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Bouncy Ball Craft

Saturday March 27, 2021

Stop by the Teen Department this Saturday (March 27) and pick up a Bouncy Ball Kit. 

Note: This is a VERY cool project and supplies are limited, so we recommend you get here early for your best chance at snagging one of these kits.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Tailchaser's Song, by Tad Williams

Today's blog is a bit of a throwback, despite it being Friday and not Thursday, the day typically reserved for such things. 

I found Tad Williams' amazing adventure story, Tailchaser's Song, deep down a Literary Rabbit Hole. I'd heard of the book, of course. I've often glanced curiously it while weeding or shelf-straightening. And once, many years ago, it was recommended to me as a read-alike for Warriors, a series I used to enjoy reading. But as with many recommendations, I thanked the person, but ignored it. I'm that way when it comes to reading: If I am to enjoy a book, I have to come to it in my own time.

Such was the case with Tailchaser's Song. I devoured it as happily and as shamelessly as Growler (dog) faced with a Prime Rib dinner.  

Fritti Tailchaser is a young ginger tom who makes his home at the edge of the Old Woods forest, near a human settlement. Tailchaser is smitten with Hushpad, a indoor-outdoor cat who lives in a M'an home nearby. Tailchaser hopes to make Hushpad his mate someday soon, but then she vanishes without a trace. This is not the first disappearance as of late, something Tailchaser learns at a meeting of local cats. Fearing the worst, he vows to go on a quest to find his missing friend and rescue her from whatever peril stole her away. Tailchaser sets off, accompanied by Pouncequick, a kitten who hero-worships him. They travel to the Court of Cats to get more information on the disappearances and are soon joined in their quest by Eatbugs, a mysterious and loony old feral, and Roofshadow, a female about the same age as Tailchaser. The foursome soon learns of the terrible evil that threatens not only cats, but all creatures. And Tailchaser, with his foretold destiny, is the only one who can save the day. 

Tailchaser's Song did, indeed, remind me a bit of early Warriors. Its characters were of the feline variety, it was loaded with mythology, and its plot hinged on the successful quest of a Chosen One. However, that's where the similarities end. Tailchaser's Song was much more detailed and much more well-written than I remember the Warriors books being. Although I hate to put labels on beloved books, fearing it will limit the expectations of others, I would say Tailchaser's Song is a mashup of Warriors and Alison Croggon's Books of Pellinor series. But more too.

Although I absolutely consider myself a Cat Person, Tailchaser's Song was not my usual fare. So I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the story and how attached I became to its characters. In short: I loved this book. And I know I now have a new story to add to my All Time Favorites list. If you are a fan of fantasy and cats and just a great story, consider giving Tailchaser's Song a read. If not right now, than I hope you discover it in your own time (like I did). 


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Wisdom's Kiss, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Sometimes the people we least expect to become friendly with end up becoming some of our best friends (or at least no longer rivals). And sometimes the people we are sure will be more than just friends never take us out of the Friend Zone.

This is the premise for Catherine Gilbert Murdock's fun fairy tale adventure, Wisdom's Kiss, an under-the-radar (but WAY awesome) book from 2011. The story, which gives off all kinds of Princess Bride Vibes centers around Trudy (a lady-in-waiting with a special gift of prophecy), Wisdom (a rebellious princess), and Thomas (a member of the Emperor's staff). These three unlikely companions must work together and learn to trust each other if they are to foil an evil duchess's diabolical plot to overthrow the kingdom and crown herself Queen. 

The plot of Wisdom's Kiss is adorable, action-packed, and happily-ended (it IS a fairy tale, after all)...but the Happily Ever After isn't the traditional sort you might expect. I loved all three main characters and the relationships that developed between them, but the side characters shone as well. Felis was a particular favorite of mine and Escoffier stole the show without a word of dialogue. Also fun is discovering all the little Easter Eggs from well-known fairy tales scattered throughout. 

What really sets this book apart, however is the unique format. Rather than a straightforward narrative, the story is pieced together through letters, transcripts, diary entries, and the script of a theatrical performance. Sounds weird, I know, but once you read this book you won't be able to imagine it any other way.

If you are a fan of Princess Bride, Ella Enchanted, and Princess Diaries, you will love Wisdom's Kiss! And for a special treat, check out the audio, which is absolutely fabulous!


p.s. Spoiler: If you've read Murdock's Princess Ben, you're in for a treat with Wisdom's Kiss! I won't say why, though.