Friday, June 22, 2012

More than just a story

What if stories were more than just stories? Ever wonder what your favorite literary characters do when their book is closed? With Between the Lines, Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha shed some possible light on this theory with a sweet and addicting tale that's sure to appeal to romantics of all ages.
After injuring the most popular girl in school, Delilah became a social outcast. Then, while hiding out in her school's library, Delilah discovers the book that will change her life. While devouring this simple fairy tale she feels drawn to Prince Oliver, the story's hero. But imagine Delilah's surprise when Prince Oliver actually speaks to her! Literally! As long as he can remember, Prince Oliver has wanted to find a way out of the storybook in which he feels trapped, doomed, he feels, to replay the same story again and again each time the book is opened. But Prince Oliver, much like an actor in a movie, is so much more than the character he plays (as are the other residents of the book). As these two teens plot a way to get Prince Oliver out of the story and into Delilah's world, they fall in love. Unfortunately, "Happily Ever After" is never a possibility in the Real World. Just the same, Oliver and Delilah discover that sometimes real life, with all it's drama and hardships, can be even better than a fairy tale.

Looking for a great book to take to the beach? (or wherever) Between The Lines has it all: Romance, humor, adventure, and characters that are so instantly likable you'll wish they really were real. Recommended for even middle grade readers. --AJL 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wickedly Weird

Elise feels like she's going crazy. Ever since moving across the country with her pastor father and rebellious sister, she's been having flashbacks to memories that are not her own... She can seemingly read the darkest thoughts of strangers... She's been having reoccuring nightmares about terrifying creatures who want to consume her soul... And that's not even counting the fact her creepy coworker seems to be stalking her or the fact her sister seems to be having some majorly serious issues of her own. Luckily Harlan, also new to town, is potential boyfriend material, but Elise can't shake the feeling her new romantic interest is somehow connected to everything else that's been going awry in her life. Elise knows something strange is happening, but she could never have guessed the extent of what's going on--or what will be expected of her at the story's exciting conclusion.

This sequel to A Need So Beautiful is quite possibly better than than the first in this planned trilogy. Still, read the first volume before the second to fully appreciate the story. --AJL

Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventure on the Moon

When Crater, a worker for a Lunar mining company, risks his job (and his life) to save a co-worker, he attracts the interest of the Colonel, owner of the mining company and one of the most powerful men on the moon. Before he knows it, Crater is swept up in a deadly dangerous mission to retrieve a mysterious package for the Colonel. He is accompanied by Maria, the Colonel's spirited grand-daughter, and Gilly, an highly-intelligent (yet illegal) genetically-engineered creature. But why is this package so important? And just what exactly is riding on Crater's success?

Reader Adam Vernor narrates this action-packed science fiction thriller. Also look for the print version, coming soon to the Teen Area's new book shelf. This one is awesome! Be sure to check it out. --AJL

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair-raising twist on a well-known tale

With Rapunzel's Revenge, Author Shannon Hale puts Wild West twist on this well-known fairy tale. After escaping from her enchanted tree prison, the self-sufficient, adventurous Rapunzel falls into alliance with Calamity Jack. Shortly afterward, they become two of the most wanted Outlaws in the Wild West. Only by defeating the evil witch who is responsible for the countryside's poverty does the duo clear their names. And maybe there's some romance too.

Although a fairy-tale, there's nothing Disney about this story's heroine. The Wild West spin is also fun. --AJL