Monday, February 25, 2013

Second Chance Summer

Taylor never expected to have to go back to the lake house where she spent so many happy childhood summers. Especially not after the disastrous consequences of that summer five years earlier. But when her father is diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live, his dying request is for the whole family to spend one last summer together at the lake house. So Taylor is back. That she must face old demons and revisit old hurts is inevitable, but could this also be her opportunity to repair old relationships (her BFF Lucy and boyfriend Henry) she thought were irreparably damaged? Could this be her Second Chance Summer?

Tipping the literary scales at nearly 500 pages and dealing with some seriously heavy issues, committing to reading Second Chance Summer is not something to be taken lightly. But with as enjoyable as this book is, you'll be glad you did. Characters are very well-developed and, as with all good books, undergo drastic and positive transformations. And despite the impending tragic events, the story is not a complete downer.

Looking for something both beachy and with substance? Try Second Chance Summer. --AJB

Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Programs: Coming Soon!

The snow may still be falling, but Spring is just around the corner (we promise!). And that means Spring Programming! In addition to regular, year-round programs like We Cause Scenes, Otaku Central, and Teen Advisory Board, the OPL Teen Department will be featuring some fun new programs this Spring. Including:

After School Movies: These newly-released (within 12 months) blockbusters will be shown the first Monday of each month @ 4:30 p.m. The lineup is: Men in Black 3 (March 4), Pitch Perfect (April 1), and Amazing Spider-Man (May 6). All movies are free to attend. Although After School Movies is listed as a Teen Program, parents and younger siblings are also welcome to attend. Snacks served!

Prom Pretty Lock-In: Scheduled for Friday March 15, 6:30-9p.m. Stylist Amy Schodowski from Studio 113 will talk about the hottest trends in hair styles and makeup--and then do demos on all who attend! (all tools and makeup will be supplied. no need to bring your own) Emily Baker of Hope Closet will also be on hand to tell you how you can get a free prom dress! Here's the cool thing: You don't have to actually be attending prom to attend this lock-in. But if you are planning on prom, you'll definitely walk away with some great ideas! Registration is required and limited!

For information on these programs, or to register for Prom Pretty Lock-In, visit the Teen Desk or call (248) 628-3034.

For a complete list of Oxford Public Library's 2013 Spring Program lineup, click here. --AJB

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teen Advisory Board This Saturday!

Teen Advisory Board
Saturday February 23 @ Noon

Would you like a certain book, movie, or CD added to the teen collection? Is there a certain program you'd like us to offer? The Teen Advisory Board, which meets @ Noon this Saturday (February 23) is a great way for you to let us (the Teen Staff) know what's on your mind!

Existing members have already come up with some fantastic suggestions, such as: We Cause Scenes Improv Group, Otaku Central Anime & Manga Club, and several books and movies we didn't know we were lacking. But we want to hear your ideas! Interested? Hope so!

The Teen Advisory Board meets once every other month. Can't make it to the Saturday February 23 meeting? We'll meet again in April.

If you've got questions or want more info, contact Alissa Bach at or (248) 628-3034.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Take a Book Vacation!

Has the long, cold Michigan winter got you wishing for warm sunshine and dreaming about trpoical breezes? There's an easy and affordable way to escape the ice, snow, and cold without costly travel expenses or the possibility of lost luggage: Take a Book Vacation!

Stop by the Teen Department all throughout March and check out the Spring Break display set up on top of the fiction shelf. We will be featuring books set in a variety of idyllic vacation destinations--from the white sand beaches of Hawaii to the gourmet restaurants of Italy to the exotic marketplace of India. Rather brave the dangers of an uninhabited island or trek through the jungles? We've got that too. There are even books set in strange and alien other worlds!

Not able to take an actual vacation? Embark on a Book Vacation today!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Endangered Book: Epoch

The end is near for this week's Endangered Book--quite literally! In Epoch, we meet Vincent, 14, who hides his ability to see elves, pixies, demons, and other such fantastical creatures from his strictly religious family (they'd totally disown him if they knew--or worse). Vincent learns from these creatures the end of the world as he knows it will happen in two days.  The planet's creatures must find and pass through hidden portals to safety if they don't want to be eaten by some particularly nasty creatures. Bwahahahahaha! Vincent must convince family and friends to leave the planet with him--like, NOW! But the question remains: Will they take him seriously?

Timothy Carter artfully mixes fantasy, sci-fi, and satire in his apocalyptically enjoyable tale of good vs. evil. Unfortulately, Epoch hasn't been checked out in a few years, which means it's in danger of being weeded from the collection. If you're looking for an unusual and funny story, Epoch is for you. Please save this great book! --AJB


Attending an uber-posh private high school on a beautiful greek island may sound like the perfect way to begin your senior year. Not so for Phoebe Castro!

When her recently-widowed mother returns from vacation engaged to a man she just met, Phoebe's entire life gets shaken up. Goodbye, plans to spend her senior year with friends and then attend USC. Hello, Plato's Academy, headmaster stepfather, and fellow students who are all descendents of Greek gods and goddesses (complete with super powers). Now Phoebe must battle Olympus-sized cliques, a stepsister from Hades, and a crush who's a 10 on the, quite literally, OMG scale! All while trying to land that elusive scholarship so she can attend her dream college and finally, finally go back home!

Oh My Gods is Percy Jackson meets Anna and the French Kiss. The creative characters, funny dialogue, and swoon-worthy romance make this delightfully quirky story a hit! And if you like it, check out the sequel: Goddess Boot Camp! --AJB

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Lark has been looking forward to her long-overdue Harvest Ceremony (a coming-of-age rite where children's magic is gleaned to power her City's protective Wall) for many years. Just when she fears she will be overlooked, her name is called. But being harvested is nothing like Lark has anticipated. Following several painful and terrifying ordeals, Lark learns her magic regenerates--a quality almost unheard of among her people. Her nightmarish fate is to become a living battery, forever a prisoner of the City. Horrified, Lark escapes into the treacherous world beyond the Wall. Her only clue to where she is going is the hope of finding others like herself. The first in a planned trilogy.

Skylark interestingly combines elements of Dystopia, Sci-Fi, and Steampunk. While not the most exciting example of these generes, the story possesses its own moody qualities that will likely hook readers and keep them interested. Skylark can be found on the Teen Department's New Book Shelf. --AJB

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Treat to Read

Culinary expert Cyril is head-over-heels in love with vegan hippie-chick Rose, but Rose is seriously crushing on Cyril's best friend, the handsome but none-too-brilliant Nick. Nice guy that he is, and resigning himself to the fact he's got no chance with his dream girl, Cyril agrees to help his buddy win Rose's heart. After all, if Cyril can't have her, better Nick than someone else, right? The two devise a master plan: Cyril will use his expertise in the kitchen to prepare delicious gourmet goodies for Rose, and Nick will take all the credit. The plan works...for a while. When the guys' cover is accidently blown thanks to a neighborhood canine, Rose is angry with them both. And with good reason (she's a girl who values honesty). Can Cyril save face and still win the girl? Or are both guys doomed to eternal bachelorhood?

Flavor of the Week may not be an epic adventure, but it is a lot of fun and well worth checking out. Includes 25 recipes for dishes that play a pivotal role in the story (try the Kitchen Sink Cookies. They're delish!). --AJB

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Suite Scarlett

This week's featured Endangered Book is Suite Scarlett, by Maureen Johnson.

The Hopewell was once the most elite hotel on the Upper East Side, but nowdays the retro residence has fallen out of favor with all but the most quirky. This means Scarlett's family, who runs the place, is struggling to stay afloat financially. Possible salvation breezes through the door in the form of the  rich, fashionable, and exceedingly eccentric Amy Amberson. And Scarlett is assigned to make sure Amy's stay at the Hopewell is the best it can be--even if it means getting involved in the guest's crazy shenanigans. When Amy gets it in her head to stage a production of Hamlet staring Scarlett's brother, Scarlett is thrown into the middle of the madness. What follows is a whirlwind of romance, family drama, revenge schemes, and more. All over the course of one madcap summer!

Filled with humor, wit, and plenty of romance, Suite Scarlett is just the sort of beachy book to help chase away the winter blues. The book can be found on this week's Endangered Book Display, so if Suite Scarlett sounds like something you'd like, rescue it today and ensure it remains in the collection for others to enjoy. --AJB

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prom Pretty Lock-In: March 15, 2013!

Prom Pretty Lock-In
Friday March 15 @ 6:30-9 p.m.

Prom is May 4, and it's never too soon to start planning your look! That in mind, OPL's Teen Department will be hosting a very special and very exclusive Prom Pretty Lock-In event on Friday March 15 @ 6:30-9 p.m. to help you get started.

Join stylist Amy Schodowski from Studio 113 Hair Designs (Oxford) for the inside scoop on the hottest hair styles, trendiest makeup colors, and latest fashion crazes. Attendees will even get to sample some of these looks first-hand! All tools and makeup will be supplied, so there's no need to bring anything (except maybe your camera or an extra mirror). Emily Baker of Hope Closet will also be on hand to tell you how you can get your entire prom ensemble for absolutely FREE! A fashionably good time is in store for all. Pizza and drinks provided.

Registration is required! Space is limited!  Sign up online or at the Teen Services Desk. Any questions, contact the OPL Teen Department @ (258) 628-3034.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Save This Book!

Featured on this week's Endangered Book Shelf is My Saucy Stuffed Ravioli: The Life of Angelica Cookson-Potts. This hilarious and uber-romantic follow up to My Cup Runneth Over finds our robust and adorkable heroine Angel and her family jet-setting to Italy for a much-needed vacation. Here, amid he gorgeous Italian countryside, Angel finds herself dealing with body drama, romance drama (does Sydney like her or not?), parent drama, and friend drama. And manages this all without losing her appetite. 'Cause who can resist that absolutely delish Italian cuisine? Includes recipes!

My Saucy Stuffed Ravioli is the third installment in the Angelica Cookson-Potts trilogy, of which each book is jam-packed with drama, romance, humor, and delicious recipes. Well worth checking out! --AJB

Just watch it--Gosh!

Looking for a good movie to rent this weekend? You can't go wrong with Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon's not the most popular kid in school (not by a long shot), he's not the most stylish, and he doesn't have any sweet skills (not really). But he does have something big  going for him: Good friends. And if there's one thing about good friends, it's that they have your back no matter what--whether its encouraging you to ask that popular girl to the dance or helping you to fend off a nunchuck-wielding ninja. So when his best friend Pedro decides to run against the snobby Summer in the race for class president, Napoleon is all about helping his buddy win--and, in the process, make his classmates' "wildest dreams come true." Even if it means he's got to unleash his secret weapon.

When Napoleon Dynamite hit the movie scene nearly 10 years ago, it was huge! Remember all those people walking around wearing "Vote for Pedro" shirts? But if you missed it the first time around, it's definitely worth watching. And if you've seen it, it's well worth reliving the hilarity a second (or third) time. So kick off your moon boots, cook up some 'tots,' and enjoy! --AJB