Friday, February 15, 2013


Attending an uber-posh private high school on a beautiful greek island may sound like the perfect way to begin your senior year. Not so for Phoebe Castro!

When her recently-widowed mother returns from vacation engaged to a man she just met, Phoebe's entire life gets shaken up. Goodbye, plans to spend her senior year with friends and then attend USC. Hello, Plato's Academy, headmaster stepfather, and fellow students who are all descendents of Greek gods and goddesses (complete with super powers). Now Phoebe must battle Olympus-sized cliques, a stepsister from Hades, and a crush who's a 10 on the, quite literally, OMG scale! All while trying to land that elusive scholarship so she can attend her dream college and finally, finally go back home!

Oh My Gods is Percy Jackson meets Anna and the French Kiss. The creative characters, funny dialogue, and swoon-worthy romance make this delightfully quirky story a hit! And if you like it, check out the sequel: Goddess Boot Camp! --AJB

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