Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Lark has been looking forward to her long-overdue Harvest Ceremony (a coming-of-age rite where children's magic is gleaned to power her City's protective Wall) for many years. Just when she fears she will be overlooked, her name is called. But being harvested is nothing like Lark has anticipated. Following several painful and terrifying ordeals, Lark learns her magic regenerates--a quality almost unheard of among her people. Her nightmarish fate is to become a living battery, forever a prisoner of the City. Horrified, Lark escapes into the treacherous world beyond the Wall. Her only clue to where she is going is the hope of finding others like herself. The first in a planned trilogy.

Skylark interestingly combines elements of Dystopia, Sci-Fi, and Steampunk. While not the most exciting example of these generes, the story possesses its own moody qualities that will likely hook readers and keep them interested. Skylark can be found on the Teen Department's New Book Shelf. --AJB

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