Thursday, February 7, 2013

Suite Scarlett

This week's featured Endangered Book is Suite Scarlett, by Maureen Johnson.

The Hopewell was once the most elite hotel on the Upper East Side, but nowdays the retro residence has fallen out of favor with all but the most quirky. This means Scarlett's family, who runs the place, is struggling to stay afloat financially. Possible salvation breezes through the door in the form of the  rich, fashionable, and exceedingly eccentric Amy Amberson. And Scarlett is assigned to make sure Amy's stay at the Hopewell is the best it can be--even if it means getting involved in the guest's crazy shenanigans. When Amy gets it in her head to stage a production of Hamlet staring Scarlett's brother, Scarlett is thrown into the middle of the madness. What follows is a whirlwind of romance, family drama, revenge schemes, and more. All over the course of one madcap summer!

Filled with humor, wit, and plenty of romance, Suite Scarlett is just the sort of beachy book to help chase away the winter blues. The book can be found on this week's Endangered Book Display, so if Suite Scarlett sounds like something you'd like, rescue it today and ensure it remains in the collection for others to enjoy. --AJB

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