Friday, July 27, 2012

Teen Reviewer: Two Reviews

School of Fear
by Gitty Daneshvari

Review by Rachel Young, Teen Reviewer

Do you have a fear of something? Let's hope your parents aren't as desperate for you to get over your fears as the parents of these four 12-year-olds. Their parents send them to a special school just to help kids get over their fears. The teacher, Mrs. Wellington, has a very unusual method of helping them get over their fears.

If you have a phobia, you might want to skip this book. But if you think you're brave enough, go ahead and read it. --Rachel Young, Teen Reviewer

By Patrick Carman

Review by Rachel Young, Teen Reviewer

Ever feel like there is a secret in your town? Well, this is what Ryan and his friend Sarah thought about their small town, Skeleton Creek. It is up to them to find out the secrets of their small, quiet town.

Do you think there might be something up in your town? You may want to start digging. But be careful. You never know what you'll find... --Rachel Young, Teen Reviewer.

Teen Reviewer

by Patricia Rielly Giff

Review by Rachel Young

Hollis, an orphan, was bounced around from foster family to foster family as she tries to find her forever home. When at last she thinks she's found it with the Regans, she makes a mistake she thinks is unforvgivable. So she runs back to the last foster family she had. Unwanted, she is put back into the system. Finally, she is placed with Josie, an elderly lady with memory problems. Time spent with Josie shows her the longing she has for the Regans. Acting on the need to be close to this family, Hollis decides to go to their summer house for the winter, taking Josie with her.

Pictures of Hollis Woods is a poignant story of a young girl in search for her forever home.  --Rachel Young, Teen Reviewer

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Super Powers

In the first installment of the Darkness Rising trilogy, Maya Delaney learned she is a Skinwaker, an ancient supernatural being able to transform into a cougar. But she isn't the only one with special powers. In the thrilling sequel, Maya and her friends survive a forest fire, a kidnapping, a deadly helicoptor crash, and an exhaustive trek through the Vancouver wilderness. Two dangerous rivals are tracking Maya and her friends, hoping to use the teens' powers to their own questionable ends, and it is only by luck the they are able to make it back to Salmon Creek and their families. Rather than safety, the teens find an abandoned town. But this is not the biggest surprise that awaits them there.

An exciting follow-up to what's shaping up to be an awesome (planned) trilogy. But read The Gathering first. Otherwise, The Calling won't make much sense. --AJB