Friday, October 23, 2015

Happily Ever After, By Kiera Cass

For fans of The Selection Series, have no fear the world of America and Maxon is not over just yet.

Author of the series, Kiera Cass, has created several short novels, know as novellas, that have been combined to create this amazing book. Through the four novellas readers gain different view points other than America's, of big events that occurred throughout the series. Readers are able to see into Queen Amberley's own selection process and how she was able to fall for King Clakson, we are able to find out what happened to Marlee and Officer Woodwork that made them doomed to their fates as eights, how Aspen was able to make it through his time as a guard at the palace while still obsessed with America, and get a first hand look at how Maxon felt when thirty five girls invaded his home in order to win over his affections.

I am a huge fan of The Selection series, so naturally I loved each one of the novellas. If you have not read the series, the novellas may be confusing or may create a disappointing story. However, if you are a fan like me, you will learn more details about characters and events that add even more passion, drama and fight to the already fantastic story! Happily Ever After is located on our New Shelf in the Teen Department. If you're a fan enjoy this little extra addition to the story. If not let us help you find a new dystopian style book that may become your favorite!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When Marnie Was There (DVD)

Shy Anna, 12, is sent to stay with friends of her foster mother for the summer with hopes the fresh air will help alleviate her asthma symptoms. Despite attempts from local girls to make friends, Anna prefers to be by herself, sketching and exploring the small seaside town. On one of these explorations, Anna comes upon an abandoned mansion that looks somehow familiar. But is it really as abandoned as it appears? One evening, Anna thinks she sees a light in an upstairs window, so she investigates. This is how she meets Marnie, a girl her age who claims to live in the mansion--which really isn't as abandoned as it first seemed. The two girls strike up a friendship and become very close very quickly. But each girl is keeping a dark secret they can't even admit to herself. Then one day Marnie disappears. When Anna goes looking for her, she discovers her new friend may not be who, or even what, she claims to be. Can Anna ever forgive Marnie for not being completely straight with her? And can she ever learn to accept (and forgive) herself?

When Marnie Was There is one of our new DVDs this month. Based on a novel by Joan Robinson and given vibrant screen life by Studio Ghibli (Sprited Away), this is a gorgeous story of friendship, family, and self-acceptance. This beautiful film comes highly recommended! --AJB

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dumplin', by Julie Murphy

Self-proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson, a.k.a. Dumplin', couldn't be more different than her former beauty pageant-winning mother. She's completely at home with who she is and doesn't care if the residents of her beauty-obsessed Texas town (or the world, for that matter) judge her for her appearance. It's only when pretty boy jock Bo shows an interest in her that Will begins to wonder "what if...". Rather than wallowing in self-doubt, Will enrolls her plus-sized self in the annual Miss Teen Blue Bonnet pageant. No matter if she wins the crown or not, Will is determined to prove a big girl belongs on the stage just as much as her skinnier peers. Not only that, she'll have the time of her life while she's at it. One thing is for certain, the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet pageant will never be the same.

The Verdict
Author Julie Murphy's novel is awesome! I absolutely loved the character of Willowdean: Her humor, her conficence, her quirkiness. She's not the sort of girl who bemoans her appearance and wishes she were different (or nearly starves herself to become so). Instead she owns her curves and is totally comfortable with who she is, inside and out. This sort of attitude is inspirational for everyone, whether they believe they are too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too freckled...too whatever. Dumplin' is a definite must read for everyone who ever needed a boost of self-confidence. Highly, highly, highly recommended--AJB

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Rig, Joe Ducie

Fifteen year old Will Drake loves a good challenge. His accomplishments to date include breaking out of three juvenile detention facilities leaving behind baffled wardens each time. Which is why he is up for the biggest challenge of his life- breaking out of the Rig. A juvenile detention facility located on an old oil rig in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The inmates are situated in the middle of nowhere over freezing cold waters with their every movement tracked using watch like trackers secured on their arms. Will is up for the challenge- he needs to get off the Rig. His desperation increases when he finds out that the wardens are interested in more than just creating better members of society that have turned a wrong path.

The Rig is a fantastic read. The author has created a story line that has never been seen before and that will leave readers needing more. The book begins as an adventure story and moves into a mystery with a big dose of science fiction mixed in. The ending leaves readers on the edge of their seats and needing to know what happens next to Will and his friends (possibly a sequel?). Fans of Percy Jackson and the Alex Rider series will love this book. The Rig is currently on our New Teen Fiction shelf, check it out and let us know what you think!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Glow & Games Lock-In this Friday

There are still openings for this Friday's Glow and Games M.U.T Lab Lock-In! Participants will be creating mazes, solving puzzles, playing games, and, in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday, taking part in some seasonal fun. There will be food, Glow Sticks, fun, friends, and maybe even a few surprises.

The Glow and Games M.U.T Lab Lock-In is scheduled 6-9 p.m. Friday Oct. 9 (after hours). This program is open to teens 6th-12th grade ONLY. All attendees must present a permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian to gain entrance to this program.

Sign up for this program online, by phone, or in person at the Teen Desk. Any questions, stop by or call us (248) 628-3034.

So... You Want To Read A Scary Book.

Absolutely Terrifying!
Definitely Scary!
Welcome to October, the month when, more than any other time of year, our reading taste tends to turn toward the dark side--and by "dark side" I'm not talking Star Wars (that'll be in December). We tend to look for books about witches and demons and ghosts (oh my!) and other things that go bump in the night. A few prefer to read paranormal/supernatural love stories (think Twilight), but if you're anything like me, you desire an honest to goodness scare. You know, the sort of book you read with every single light in the house turned on. 
Definitely Scary!

A Little Spooky!
This is why we've constructed a display of scary books, complete with a scare rating system. Some of the books are not scary at all, but involve close encounters with supernatural or paranormal creatures (think Twilight). Others... well, good luck getting their uber-creeptastic plots out of your mind when you're walking to the bathroom at night (There's nothing lurking in those shadows, right? Better run anyway). Most fall somewhere in between on the scare scale. Either way, we definitely have something to cater to everyone's scary book taste

Stop by the Teen Area for a scary book today! --AJB

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Crenshaw, by Katherine Applegate (Tween)

Crenshaw is a cat, but not just any cat. He surfs, he skateboards, he turns cartwheels. He enjoys bubble baths, loves purple jelly beans, and chasing frogs. He even speaks like a human. Crenshaw was Jackson's imaginary friend back when Jackson was in first grade and his family were homeless. In fact, back then, Crenahaw was Jackson's only friend.

But that was then.

Now in 6th grade, Jackson has become obsessed with science and facts. Anything magical, fictional, and imaginary has no place in his life. Facts and truth are concrete. They're absoloute. They're something Jackson can hold onto. And Jackson especially needs that now, when there's less and less food, when his family has sold off everything but the bare essentials, and when his parents just won't be straight with him about the dire-ness of their situation. When Jackson's biggest fear is becoming homeless again and when it's looking more and more like that fear will come true. Facts, Jackson has decided, are something that will never let him down.

So why has Crenshaw suddenly come back into his life? Because maybe right now is when Jackson needs him more than ever.

Crenshaw, by Katherine Applegate, is one of the newest additions to our ever-growing Tween collection. And it was much deeper and more thought-provoking than I imagined (given that it's about an imaginaty cat, I expected sort of a light, fluffy story). However, it is very good and deals with some very real issues in a way children and younger teens can understand and relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed it. --AJB