Friday, October 23, 2015

Happily Ever After, By Kiera Cass

For fans of The Selection Series, have no fear the world of America and Maxon is not over just yet.

Author of the series, Kiera Cass, has created several short novels, know as novellas, that have been combined to create this amazing book. Through the four novellas readers gain different view points other than America's, of big events that occurred throughout the series. Readers are able to see into Queen Amberley's own selection process and how she was able to fall for King Clakson, we are able to find out what happened to Marlee and Officer Woodwork that made them doomed to their fates as eights, how Aspen was able to make it through his time as a guard at the palace while still obsessed with America, and get a first hand look at how Maxon felt when thirty five girls invaded his home in order to win over his affections.

I am a huge fan of The Selection series, so naturally I loved each one of the novellas. If you have not read the series, the novellas may be confusing or may create a disappointing story. However, if you are a fan like me, you will learn more details about characters and events that add even more passion, drama and fight to the already fantastic story! Happily Ever After is located on our New Shelf in the Teen Department. If you're a fan enjoy this little extra addition to the story. If not let us help you find a new dystopian style book that may become your favorite!


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