Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Rig, Joe Ducie

Fifteen year old Will Drake loves a good challenge. His accomplishments to date include breaking out of three juvenile detention facilities leaving behind baffled wardens each time. Which is why he is up for the biggest challenge of his life- breaking out of the Rig. A juvenile detention facility located on an old oil rig in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The inmates are situated in the middle of nowhere over freezing cold waters with their every movement tracked using watch like trackers secured on their arms. Will is up for the challenge- he needs to get off the Rig. His desperation increases when he finds out that the wardens are interested in more than just creating better members of society that have turned a wrong path.

The Rig is a fantastic read. The author has created a story line that has never been seen before and that will leave readers needing more. The book begins as an adventure story and moves into a mystery with a big dose of science fiction mixed in. The ending leaves readers on the edge of their seats and needing to know what happens next to Will and his friends (possibly a sequel?). Fans of Percy Jackson and the Alex Rider series will love this book. The Rig is currently on our New Teen Fiction shelf, check it out and let us know what you think!


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