Monday, February 25, 2013

Second Chance Summer

Taylor never expected to have to go back to the lake house where she spent so many happy childhood summers. Especially not after the disastrous consequences of that summer five years earlier. But when her father is diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live, his dying request is for the whole family to spend one last summer together at the lake house. So Taylor is back. That she must face old demons and revisit old hurts is inevitable, but could this also be her opportunity to repair old relationships (her BFF Lucy and boyfriend Henry) she thought were irreparably damaged? Could this be her Second Chance Summer?

Tipping the literary scales at nearly 500 pages and dealing with some seriously heavy issues, committing to reading Second Chance Summer is not something to be taken lightly. But with as enjoyable as this book is, you'll be glad you did. Characters are very well-developed and, as with all good books, undergo drastic and positive transformations. And despite the impending tragic events, the story is not a complete downer.

Looking for something both beachy and with substance? Try Second Chance Summer. --AJB

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