Friday, February 15, 2013

Endangered Book: Epoch

The end is near for this week's Endangered Book--quite literally! In Epoch, we meet Vincent, 14, who hides his ability to see elves, pixies, demons, and other such fantastical creatures from his strictly religious family (they'd totally disown him if they knew--or worse). Vincent learns from these creatures the end of the world as he knows it will happen in two days.  The planet's creatures must find and pass through hidden portals to safety if they don't want to be eaten by some particularly nasty creatures. Bwahahahahaha! Vincent must convince family and friends to leave the planet with him--like, NOW! But the question remains: Will they take him seriously?

Timothy Carter artfully mixes fantasy, sci-fi, and satire in his apocalyptically enjoyable tale of good vs. evil. Unfortulately, Epoch hasn't been checked out in a few years, which means it's in danger of being weeded from the collection. If you're looking for an unusual and funny story, Epoch is for you. Please save this great book! --AJB

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