Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh No He Didn't!

Kevin isn't the most popular guy in his school. He doesn't get to date the pretty girl. In fact, he's a dork who breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of talking to a pretty girl. So when popular jock Brandon approaches him and saddles him with the daunting task of compiling the Book of Busts--a listing of the measurements of every senior girl--Kevin jumps at the chance. This could be his ticket to popularity and fame. But how can he complete the job without offending his best friend, Abby, or receiving a lecture about respect from his mother, a women's studies professor and hard-core feminist? On the other hand, if he doesn't do it, he'll lose face in front of the popular guys. Either way, Kevin can't win. Either way, Kevin is Busted!

While not the most deep story ever written, Busted is certainly entertaining. And it contains a good lesson--albeit a glaringly obvious one--about respect. Although there are some very guy-ish situations, the feminist undertones may make this a better choice for girls looking for humor. But guys would likely find something to enjoy as well. --AJL

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