Thursday, January 30, 2014


Identical twins Cath and Wren used to do everything together, including co-author the internet's most popular Simon Snow fanfiction. But college changes everything. Even before the sisters arrive on campus, Wren drops Simon (and, by association, Cath) in favor of parties, guys, and whole cliche college scene. Hurt and completely overwhelmed, Cath just can't seem to find her niche: Her roommate is downright surly, her creative writing professor believes fanfiction is synonymous with plagiarism, and a certain guy seems just a bit too friendly. And that doesn't even include all the family drama going on outside of school.

The more her real life world seems to fall apart, the deeper Cath dives into her fanfiction. Simon Snow, his love interest/nemesis Baz, and the whole Snow fandom are the only things that make her feel safe and truly at home. But she can't hide there forever. Or can she?

Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl is an awesome coming-of-age story about opening yourself up to new experiences, daring to try new things, and taking a chance on befriending people you, otherwise, might not associate with. In short, it's about what can happen when you dare to step outside your comfort zone. Sure, it can be scary, but in the end you're glad you did it. And you'll be glad you took a chance on reading Fangirl as well! --AJB

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