Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's A Big World Out There...

This time of year always had me thinking about Spring Break. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity, the finances, or the freedom to pack up and go traveling wherever I pleased. Thankfully, I had books to help me to escape the seemingly endless Winter Ick-Land that is Michigan late February through early April. Sure, that sounds really cheesy, but so be it. Books rock (and I've always enjoyed a bit of cheese).

Spring-boarding off the Adult Department's 2014 Winter Reading Theme (Travel the World With a Good Book--which is an awesome theme, by the way) and tying into the proximity of Spring Break, we in the Teen Department offer you an opportunity to escape to far-off, places through reading. Backpack through Central America, explore the iconic sights of Paris, visit the exotic cities of the far east, relax on the beaches of your own private Greek Island, and have an adventure in New York City... All without ever leaving the comfort of your warm home. Or the expense of travel.

No passport? No problem! Stop by the Teen Department and check our our Explore Your World display. You never know what you might discover! --AJB

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