Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Teen Reviewer-- 3 Reviews

Veteran Teen Reviewer Kate read, loved, and reviewed three books: Fire and Flood, by Victoria Scott; Rebel Belle, by Rachel Hawkins; and The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. All three books Kate would recommend for teens 13 and up.

In Fire and Flood, Tella's brother is deathly ill. So she enters the dangerous Brimstone Bleed Race where she hopes to win a cure. But there is no guarantee she will win--or even survive. "When I started reading Fire & Flood, I had no expectations. I hadn't seen many reviews for it, but I loved it! This book was a perfect dystopian and surreal story, and Victoria Scott's characters really come to life by the end of the book. This book had some plot twists that I didn't see coming."

In Rebel Belle, Harper Price, a popular homecoming queen type, unexpectedly comes into some serious powers: She becomes a Paladin, an ancient guardian. And who must she protect but her lifelong nemesis! Kate was pleasantly surprised by the book: "The cover made me think it was some girly kind of book, but it was the exact opposite. It was funny, exciting, and an overall great book. The story was amazing and I liked all of the characters. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book."

In Darkest Minds, teenage Ruby survives a deadly virus only to contract terrifying abilities. Having escaped a rehabilitation camp for other survivors, Ruby is on the run. Her only hope is to reach a safe house--but even there, nothing is as it seems. "This was an amazing dystopian read! I loved the author's writing and can't wait to see what she writes next."

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