Friday, May 13, 2016

Summer of Sloane, by Erin Schneider

The day before Sloane is set to depart for Hawaii, where she plans to spend the summer, her best friend, Mack, drops a bombshell: Mack and Sloane's longtime boyfriend, Tyler, slept together. Twice. And now Mack is pregnant with Tyler's child. Understandably upset, Sloane immediately unfriends Mack and punches Tyler in the face, breaking his nose and fracturing her hand. Not the best way to begin the summer.

Once in Hawaii, Sloane receives multiple (as in hundreds of) apologetic calls, texts, emails, messages, etc. from both her ex-boyfriend and ex-BFF. Basically, they won't leave her alone. Sloane ignores all if it, though. It's not like there isn't plenty to distract her from the trouble back home. Namely, a romance with cute boy Finn. Then a tragedy makes Slaone re-think how she reacted to Mack and Tyler's betrayal and wonder if, maybe, things can be fixed. Eventually, Sloane is able to make peace with everything and move on with her life.

Erin Schneider's novel Summer of Sloane has so much angsty drama it's like reading a novelization of some cheesy daytime soap opera. Every single character comes with a ton of over-the-top baggage, and their reactions to events are often blown way out of porportion. This was my problem with this book. What should have been an easy, beachy read was instead a dramafest that exhausted me more than would reading a novel that delt with serious topics. It was just too much. But then after the ridiculous amount of drama, things are wrapped up far too neatly. Sloane makes peace with her issues far too quickly for all she went through. Other characters, too, come to easy resolutions. It felt like the author tried too hard to tie things up. 

If you're craving a TON of drama (and I DO mean a TON!), this one is for you. Otherwise, skip it and go for something else. --AJB

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