Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip by Jordan Sonnenblick

11891486He had his whole high school career planned out- it's pretty easy when you're a star athlete. Peter was going to finish up eighth grade and head into ninth as an all- star. As lead pitcher for your baseball team and a partner in crime as your catcher what could go wrong? During a baseball game Peter feels something happen in his elbow. Being the determined athlete he is, he ignores it and continues the game. He winds up, throws hard, and then with a snapping sound he blacks out. With that curveball, everything in Peter's life changes.

After needing surgery on his elbow Peter is out of commission and out of luck. He starts high school off with a gray cloud over his head and not a baseball in sight. Things seemingly get worse when his grandfather hands him thousands of dollars worth of photography equipment and seems to be "losing it". With the help of a new friend, Peter is able to make it through his first year of high school and some major changes in his life.

Curveball was a great quick and inspirational read. Sonnenblick did a fantastic job at mixing in real life situations, but still keeping his readers entertained. Along with the storyline, the characters are likeable and readers can easily relate to them. (I mean who doesn't have that friend that just doesn't take a hint?) Through both his own struggles and his family's readers learn to love Peter and on occasion commit a good ol' forehead slap on his behalf. After reading Curveball I was quick to pick up another book by Sonnenblick. I think this would be true of most readers. His realistic fiction books are great for readers moving from middle school into high school. If your a sports fan- there's enough action to keep you interested. If you're not (like me) there is not too much to scare you away.


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