Monday, September 25, 2017

Project You: More Than 50 Ways to Calm Down, De-Stress & Feel Great

Ok, so unless you've been living completely off the grid for, like, the past decade or so, you know that Mindfulness is a 'thing.' But unlike shirts with odd cut-outs or the latest designer skinny jeans, this trend won't make you broke. And it won't make you cringe when you look back at your photo memories 5 years from now and think "OMG" (if that's even still said in the future) "What was I wearing? What was I thinking?"

Rather, Mindfulness is something that's always going to be trendy. Because mindfulness is all about YOU: Your self-esteem, your good health, your happiness, and, well, just all the good and positive things that can make your life awesome. Stuff like that is never out of style.

And in today's busy world, your personal health and well-being is more important than ever! Like I said, it's a "thing."

Project YOU: More Than 50 Ways to Calm Down, De-Stress & Feel Great, a recent addition to our New Book Shelf, has a variety of tips & tricks (50, to be exact) that will help your life become happier, less stressed, healthier, and, overall, more balanced. There's overviews on Meditation, Yoga, feng shui, aeromatherapy, massage... And, for the more practical-minded, tips about eating healthy and exercise. This book has it all. Although geared toward teens, Project YOU can be helpful to everyone.

In short, it's awesome! --AJB

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