Saturday, December 16, 2017

Eight Days on Planet Earth, by Cat Jordan

Eight Days on Planet Earth is down-to-earth yet it's magical, funny, and a little heartbreaking.

Matty Jones has grown up knowing the field he lives next to is a little different. Matty's father claims that a spaceship landed there on the night he was born. But Matty's father has since run off with his brother's sister, leaving Matty and his mother alone, so Matty isn't all that inclined to listen to what his father believes. When a strange girl suddenly appears in Matty's field claiming to be from another planet, waiting to be collected by a spaceship, Matty knows it can't be true. But there is something so ethereal about Priya  that she starts to change Matty's view on life, the universe and even love.

It wasn't until I reached the very end of this book that I actually started to understand it. For most of this story I expected a spaceship to land in Matty's field and colllect the celestial Priya. But this book is actually a contemporary novel - real life, real world issues. It is just like it claims in the synopsis - about life, the universe and love. The ending of this book is beautiful but it also has a surprising twist. I didn't see it coming and it changed everything about how I viewed this book, the characters and their actions. The surprise is actually the best part, so I'll stop here.

This book is written from Matty's perspective across eight strange and life-changing days, which enables the reader to burrow into Matty's head and heart.
Eight Days on Planet Earth wasn't what I was expecting, but instead was a delightful and moving surprise. It is perfect for readers who enjoy contemporary novels about romance, family, self-discovery, tearjerkers and that something special that is just a little otherworldly. *JK*

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