Friday, April 6, 2018

Breakfast Served Anytime, by Sarah Combs

Gloria (Glo) hopes a summer at "Geek Camp," hanging out with other artistic types and studying the Secrets of the Written Word, will help her get over a few things: Namely the recent death of her beloved grandmother and the pain of an unrequited crush on an older boy. She's also struggling with whether or not moving to New York City with her best friend is still something she wants to do with her life (She thought so once, but now she's not so sure...). 

Armed with only her biting wit and her GoGo's copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, Glo  embarks on an what is perhaps the biggest adventure of her life thus far. Here at the Morlan College Program for the Gifted and Talented, she discovers new friends, new perspectives, and maybe a new love interest. But she also discovers some things about herself and becoming the person she's meant to be.

Sarah Combs' novel Breakfast Served Anytime is one of those stories that make you fall into instant bookish love. The characters are quirky and likable and the setting is so vivid the reader feels as if she is there, discussing the Great American Novel underneath The Kissing Tree or hanging out at the Egg Drop Cafe ("Breakfast Served Anytime"). There are no Grand Adventures or Epic Quests, but there's real life...and maybe just a little bit of the best sort of magic.

Breakfast Served Anytime is not going to be exceptionally memorable. Won't be one of those books that lodges itself into my mind and heart and becomes something I return to again and again throughout life. In fact, a year from now, I may not remember it all that much. But I loved this book in the moment, and for me that is enough. 

A great choice for fans of Emma Mills and John Green.


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