Friday, May 31, 2019

Unicorn Your Life

All you have to do is look around to see Unicorns are what you'd call "trending" right now. They can be found everywhere from T-Shirts to menu items at your favorite coffee shop (💗Hello!Unicorn Frappuccino!💗) to right here in the OPL Teen Department (of course we Teen Librarians loved these magical creatures before they became a thing). Unicorns may once have been a rare, once in a lifetime encounter, but nowdays they're everywhere! And we think that's just awesome!!

Unicorns are the best!! So it goes without saying that we'd have plenty of books featuring them. One such being Unicorn Your Life by Mary Flannery. This adorable, rainbow-colored book is not so much about these creatures, per-se, but a guide to living your best, most magical life possible, whether at work, at home, among friends and family, or just being YOU(icorn). There's even advice on how to deal with such undesirable, but unavoidable, creatures as Ogres and Vampires, who would try to bring you down and suck every drop of magical energy from your sparkletastic aura. As in What Would A Unicorn Do?  

Unicorn Your Life is filled with fun, whimsical advice. Most is common sense and has been delved into way more deeply by other books. So you've heard it all before. But are those other books even as half as fun and colorful? I think not! So if you want an instant pick-up, grab Unicorn Your Life and get ready to start living your most magical life ever and feeling like the sparkly Unicorn you are!

I love this one!!


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