Monday, October 24, 2011

Hidden Treasure

Where do fads begin? Who or what determines what music, fashion, ideas (etc) will be popular and which will fall into the black hole of oblivion? Sandy Foster, a scientist at Hi-Tek Corp, is studying just this. She has seemingly hit a brick wall in her research when an accident (or is it?) has her throwing her lot in with Bennett O'Reilly, a chaos theorist working elsewhere in the building. Eventually, the two unexpectedly hit upon a common thread that allows each of their research projects to be surprisingly successful--but not before a whole mess of chaoitic and humorous situations happen.

Connie Willis' Bellwether is packed with humor, satire, and interesting facts about historical fads. The inevitable romance that happens between Sandy and Bennett is predictable, but the story is oh-so-good. Those who liked the quirkiness of Libba Bray's Going Bovine will enjoy this one. Check it out! --AJL

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