Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Always Summer Here

The weather outside might be chilly, but Jenny Han's Summer trilogy will make you feel as though you've stepped onto the beach.

In Summer I Turned Pretty, readers are introduced to Belly and the two boys in her life, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has always spent her summers at the Cousins Beach house with the brothers, her mother, and Suzanna. But this summer is different. This summer Belly is 15, and the boys are finally beginning to notice her in that way. Trouble is, the one boyBelly loves may or may not feel the same way.

In the second installment, It's Not Summer Without You, Belly is dreading her first summer away from the beach house and away from the boys. Most of all, she is torn up by Suzanna's death earlier that year. Belly's not sure she could have faced the familiar place anyway--especially after what happened between her and Conrad after prom. But when Jeremiah calls with the news that Conrad has disappeared, Belly jumps at the chance to help track him down. But what is her real motive behind this offer?

The final book, We'll Always Have Summer,  finds Belly at college, a freshman. She and Jeremiah have been exclusive ever since that night at the motel where Conrad broke her heart yet again. One night at a party, Belly discovers Jeremiah did something forbidden over spring break. Of course she breaks up with him, but then Jeremiah apologizes--and proposes. Suddenly Belly is thrown into the world of planning a wedding, a wedding neither set of parents approve of. But Belly is determined to marry Jeremiah. But she soon finds herself questioning whether this is the right boy for her--especially when Conrad comes back into the picture.

The Summer Trilogy is everything a reader could ask for in a chick-lit romance. Which boy will Belly end up with? Read to find out. --AJL

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