Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saying Goodbye In Robot

Don't be fooled by the pink cover-- How to Say Goodbye in Robot is no girly, sentimental romance story. In fact, main character Beatrice is so unemotional that her mother actually refers to her as a robot-- hard, cold, and unfeeling.  

It is because of her stoic nature that Beatrice doesn't exactly fit in with the gossip-obsessed girls at her new school. Instead, she finds herself drawn to Jonah, a quiet, ghost-like loner who seems to be as impressed with his classmates as Beatrice is. As Beatrice slowly learns more about the mysterious Jonah, she discovers that everything that has made her an outcast before, such as a love of bizarre late-night radio, also brings her and Jonah closer together. 

The only question is, how close does she want to get? --OEO

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