Monday, November 21, 2011

Teen Classic Movie: December 3 @ Noon

"You'll shoot your eye out!" A now-familiar holiday catch phrase from an even more familiar holiday movie, A Christmas Story. Stop by the Teen Area on Saturday December 3 @ Noon and watch this classic (again).

Join Ralphie in his quest for his most-wanted Christmas present: A Red Rider BB Gun ("with a compass and a stock and this thing which tells time"). His requests are blocked at each turn by his parents, his teacher, and even Jolly Ol' St. Nick, each uttering the dreaded excuse of "You'll shoot your eye out." Will Ralphie's Christmas wish ever come true?

Also discover what happens when a neighborhood bully takes things too far! Find out what sort of triple dog dare causes the fire department (and the cops) to be called! Learn what happens when one gets soap poisoning!And discover how to celebrate Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant (in style)! And just what sort of atrocity is inside that crate marked "Fragile"?

Find out Saturday December 3 @ Noon.--AJL

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