Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love Can Be Scary

Jackson is dead, and Ava can't let go of him. When she's asleep, he's all she dreams of. But soon he intrudes her waking life as well: She catching glimpses of him in the corner of her eye and could swear she hears him talking to her inside her head. The reader soon learns the accident that caused Jackson's demise was Ava's fault--or, at least, she thinks it's her fault. So is Jackson's ghost really back to torment Ava? Or is it just a manifestation of the guilt she feels? Either way, Ava must find a way to free herself and move on.

Although the cover image makes I Heart You, You Haunt Me appear to be a fluffy paranormal romance, this is not actually the case. This novel, written entirely in free verse, is the dark story of a teen attempting to cope with the death someone close to her. Kind of creepy, though, and definitely seasonally appropriate. --AJB

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