Sunday, October 14, 2012

What if...?

Camden Pike has been devastated since his girlfriend, Viv, died in a car accident two months ago.  She was the only good thing about his life.  When Camden makes a visit to the site of the accident he sees something like an apparition, but it's not Viv.  The apparition is Nina and she's not a ghost.  She is actually from an alternate universe.  One he can access by slipping through a window.  One where things seem the same as this world, but everyone is actually very different.  Cam just wants to see Viv again.  But Viv in the alternate universe is not like the Viv Cam remembers from his world.  Nina is hiding some secrets as well.  Not only that but the window allowing him to go back and forth from one world to another is quickly closing.  Cam has to decide to stay with the different Viv in the alternate universe or live without her in his own. 

Emily Hainsworth's debut novel, Through to You, is very enjoyable.  It has just the right amount of romance, mystery and intrigue to keep you hooked until the end. - KR

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