Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GLEE-fully Funny

Multitalented Glee star and YA writer Chris Colfer's hilarious new book Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal (based on a soon-to-be movie) has just hit our shelves!

Carson Phillips needs to beef up his school resume in order to get into Northwestern, the college of his choice, so he can someday live his dream of getting out of his small town and becoming the youngest ever editor of The New Yorker. The plan: Show up those administrative monkeys by cranking out an amazing, jam-packed issue of the school literary journal.  Completely jaded and openly sarcastic about everything within the confines of his small town--including the zombified sheep who populate his high school halls--Carson isn't exactly Mr. Popularity. So getting the requisite contrabutions from other students is harder than scaling Everest with nothing but a toothpick and roll of dentil floss. Unless, of course, Carson has blackmail ammo. And perhaps he does.

Applying the same flavor of sarcastic, witty humor as found in Perks of Being A Wallflower, Going Bovine, and How I Paid for College, Struck By Lightning is sure to entertain--whether you're a Gleek or not. --AJB

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