Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tis the Season...To Read a Dystopian!

According to the Mayan Calendar, this Friday (December 21, 2012) is supposed to be the end of the world as we know it. Whether you believe this or not, this is the perfect time of year to check out a book from the Dystopian Genre!

A Dystopia is a story set in a world very much like ours--or sometimes in our world in the distant (or maybe not so distant) future--but with some very significant differences due to a cataclysmic event, social upheaval, or something else that causes drastic changes.

The most well-known in this genre is The Hunger Games, but here are a few more really great Dystopian reads:

In Article Five, the Bill of Rights has been replaced by the Moral Statutes. A young rule-breaker journeys across a dangerous landscape to rescue her mother.

In Wither, the human lifespan has been dramatically reduced because of too much genetic experimentation. This is one teen's story.

In Life As We Knew It, a rogue meteror knocks the moon closer to Earth and causes widespread disaster. A teen keeps a journal about her survival experience.

The Giver. In this classic, a young boy is chosen as his society's next memory keeper--and learns the terrible truth about his world.

Welcome to Elsewhere, a world much like ours--except that everyone ages backward from death to birth. When Liz, 15, arrives here, how will she cope?

Need more? Check out our Dystopian-themed Reader's Advisory bookmark. Or ask the Teen Librarian for recommendations. --AJB

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