Friday, January 25, 2013

Dream On

In Dreamhunter: Teens Laura and Rose live in a world very much like this one--except that it boarders The Place, a mysterious location where dreams are born. Only a small number of people (called Dreamhunters) are able to access The Place. It is the duty of the Dreamhunters to collect dreams and then broadcast them to high society at the legendary Rainbow Opera. When the girls come of age, they, like all young people, are given the opportunityto see if they are able to enter The Place and earn the coveted title of Dreamhunter. Only Laura, daughter of history's greatest Dreamhunter, is successful. But when her father mysteriously vanishes, Laura suspects foul play. She enters The Place to search for him--and learns the terrible secret behind the dreams found there. Not all dreams are pleasant.

Dreamhunter is an unusual, but well-written dystopian. And if you like it, try the award-winning sequel, Dreamquake. --AJB

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