Friday, April 5, 2013

Chilling Reads

The nights are still chilly enough to curl up with your favorite warm blanket. So why not add a chilling book to the equation? OPL's Teen Department has plenty to choose from!

Suspense writer Dan Poblocki offers readers The Nightmarys (plus two other spine-tingling books): People who anger Abigail are suddenly finding that their worst, most private fears are coming true. But if there's a connection, why is Abigail being haunted too? It's up to Timothy to find out...IF he's brave enough, that is!

The Monstrumologist, by Richard Yancy, details the life of 12-year-old orphan Will Henry and his apprenticeship to a man who hunts monsters for a living...often with terrifying results. This first installment kicks off this excitingly scary series that's perfect for fans of Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak.

The Moth Diaries, by Rachel Klein, is one of theose books where the reader must draw their own conclusions based on first-hand information that may not be entirely accurate. Is Ernessa really a vampire? Or just an innocent (albeit odd) girl with whom the anonymous narrator develops a dangerous obsession? You judge! Uncommonly suspenseful!

Katie Alendar's Bad Girls Don't Die is more of a stereotypical haunting story, but it will still keep you awake long into the night: Something is very wrong with Alexis' little sister Kasey, who is exhibiting increasingly bizarre and dangerous behavior. Can Alexis get to the bottom of this before it turns deadly?

Want more? Look for the "Horror" and "Suspense" spine stickers. Or ask the on-desk librarian for recommendations. --AJB

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