Monday, March 3, 2014


CC has come a long way since her days as "the little hellion" (so nicknamed by her stepfather). She's graduated high school with passing grades, made peace with her mother, managed to find balance between her east coast and west coast families, and cultivated some awesome and lasting friendships. She's even agreed to take some classes at the local culinary school. Plus, she's found a job doing exactly what she loves. Life seems perfect.

But there's a little matter that refuses to resolve itself: CC's ex-boyfriend and maybe (maybe not) true love, Shrimp, who left her without so much as a backward glance so he could go surfing in Australia, suddenly re-appears in her life without warning. Shrimp (if that's even his real name) claims to be a changed man who can't live without CC. In short, he wants her back. And, at first, CC is thrilled! But CC is not the same girl she was three years ago when she and Shrimp first became a hot item. Sure, she's still a romantic at heart, but she's wiser too. She's been burnt by Shrimp more than once, and she's not sure she can trust his claims of maturity. Has he really gotten all that wanderlust out of his system? And is he really ready to settle down with her? CC isn't sure. Besides, all that time as a single girl has given CC the chance to think about what she really wants out of life. And maybe what she wants isn't a life following Shrimp around. CC has a lot of soul searching to do and not much time to do it.

Cupcake, the third and final book in Rachel Cohn's Gingerbread trilogy, is fantastic! CC shows tremendous growth throughout the trilogy, transforming from a spoiled, self-absorbed brat who is dangerously obsessed with the wrong sort of boy into a well-adjusted and likable young woman who knows where she's going in life (and where she's going is not following some slacker guy to the ends of the earth). 

True, the Gingerbread books may be older, but they're definitely worth a read. If you like realistic, sort of edgy romances populated by unique and quirky characters, these books are for you. --AJB

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