Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thrice Told Tales

Everyone's familiar with the tale (tail?) of the Three Blind Mice: They run after the farmer's wife and, as a result, get their tails chopped off (Yikes! Such a violent conclusion for a children's story!). But Thrice Told Tales by Catherine Lewis puts an entirely new spin on this familiar story. Hear the story from different viewpoints, learn what happened before the fateful chase scene, discover why the mice are blind... Hear the story retold as a mystery, a comedy, a superhero story.... Find out how it would sound translated into different languages... And much more! And, in the process, it learn (in a FUN way) about all sorts of literary, writing, and language elements. What's an oxymoron? The difference between a simile and a metaphor? How do you write from the perspective of an unreliable narrator? It's all inside!

Thrice Told Tales isn't just educational, it's entertaining too! You'll find this book (T803L) on our new book shelf, nonfiction area. --AJB

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