Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hit the Road!

Road Trip Books--the next best thing to actually going!
The weather is (finally) warming up--just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend. What better time of the year to hop in your car (or your friend's car) and drive wherever the road takes you?

Ok, so maybe taking an impromptu road trip isn't within the realm of possibility. Many of you are, likely, still in school, gas is expensive, and most parents wouldn't be cool with turning their teen loose on the open road (I know mine would have freaked out at the mere thought!). So why not do the next best thing: Stop by the library and check out one of our Road Trip books! We've got a display featuring several titles, which is set up on top of our Fiction Shelf. Be sure to stop by the Teen Area and check it out.

What's there, you ask?

For example:

Reunited, by Hilary Graham: Alice hasn't spoken to her two best friends since that BIG falling out years earlier. But when the girls' favorite band announces a one-time-only reunion concert, Alice takes a chance and buys three tickets. Soon, she and her ex-BFFs are hitting the road to catch the show. But not without drama.

Going Bovine, by Libba Bray: Terminally ill Cameron has received a divine mission: To find a missing scientist, close a deadly wormhole, and save the world. Accompanied by a paranoid dwarf and a Norse god trapped in the body of a yard gnome, he accepts this challenge. He dodges fire giants, has a run-in with a smoothie-chugging Happiness Cult, and meets the greatest band who ever lived. But can he accomplish his mission before time runs out.

Safekeeping, by Karen Hesse: Radley returns home from overseas to find a country immersed in civil war. Now a fugitive on the run, Radley must make it across the Canadian border if she hopes to find safety--or locate her missing family.

Wanderlove, by Kirsten Hubbard: Following a bad breakup, Bria hopes to escape her life--and reinvent herself--by going on a Central American tour. Once there, she finds the tour populated by senior citizens. After a chance meeting with a mysterious backpacker boy in the marketplace, Bria leaves the tour and blazes her own trail. There may even be a chance for romance! But first Bria must learn to trust herself again if she's to truly trust anyone else.


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