Monday, December 29, 2014

Book Review: Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Perl

Cover image for Vintage Veronica

Huge puffy tulle underskirts, buttery soft  1930s flannel pajamas and a high school girl who is trying to find where she fits in with her divorced parents, her eccentric co-workers and her former friends, while dressing in clothes from the past.

Veronica is ecstatic when she gets a summer job at her favorite store,  Dollar-a-Pound, the "largest vintage clothing store in the northeast", sorting through the items brought in on consignment, and keeping her eyes open for those special outfits, like a pirate looking for hidden treasure. She works with some interesting characters who all seem to have an element of mystery to their lives: Claire, her boss who misses a lot of work with no explanation; Lenny (a.k.a.'The Nail') who is pale and quiet, but possibly interested in being more than friends with Veronica. And then there are Zoe and Ginger: are they really the archetypal mean girls just  pretending to be Veronica's friend in order to make her life a misery? Or could they somehow  have good reasons for behaving so badly? Hard to imagine!

This is a fascinating, quirky story, and readers will quickly come to like Veronica,  and then want to keep reading to discover if she can be confident enough to stand up for herself and live the life she deserves, while keeping her uniqueness intact.

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