Monday, December 1, 2014

Smithsonian @ OPL: The Way We Worked

The Way We Worked
Traveling Smithsonian Exhibit
December 6-February 1

Beginning this month (December 6, to be exact) and running through February 1, Oxford Public Library will be hosting a traveling Smithsonian exhibit titled The Way We Worked. This is all about working, jobs, and how things have changed throughout history. OPL is one of only a few sites statewide to host this exhibit, so this is BIG, people. REALLY big!

In addition to the Smithsonian's awesome displays (Some interactive! All interesting!), which will be in Community Room A and scattered about the library, each of the library's areas will be feature department-specific displays related to what you'll see in the Smithsonian. 

Teen has displays about:

Help Wanted: Would YOU Do This Job? (Dangerous, gross, and all-out unsavory jobs) 

Before They Were Famous: Match the celebrity with their regular job (This one's a contest. Prizes will be awarded to those who get the most correct answers)

OPL Staff: Where we used to work. Awful and unusual jobs library staff worked at before we came here (We're talking exploding milkshakes, horse poo, moldy cheese, and more!). 

In addition to these displays, the library will have all kinds of cool programs, events, and contests. 

So stop by the library and check out The Way We Worked. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You don't want to miss it!

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