Monday, March 2, 2015

Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen

Sarah and her family have always been on the move. Her mother hates the cold and as soon as a chill can be felt in the air Sarah and her parents pack up and move on to a new home. The plastic totes and cardboard boxes don't even bother her anymore. Sarah always assumed it was the cold that bothered her parents, she could never have imagined that her run of the mill, ordinary parents were running from something bigger. Magic.

After her mother walks out, all of the magic that the family has been running from finds them. Once her mother leaves Sarah's father begins to turn into something beastly. Before the full transformation occurs he leaves Sarah in the care of her grandparents. People she didn't even know existed. Here in the middle of a forest in a crumbling castle Sarah finds out the truth of a curse that has been bestowed upon her family and will effect her too. It's up to Sarah to solve the mystery and find an answer to the curse before she becomes a monster as well...

Cat Hellisen does a great job at pulling you into Sarah's world. You will easily forget that you are not actually in the forests of the novel and that Beastkeeper is just a book in your hands. It is defiantly a must for fantasy lovers! Even if fantasy is not your favorite hopefully the love, family, magic, beasts, and beautiful imagery that runs throughout the pages will pull you in as easily as it did for me.

Beastkeeper can be found on the New shelf in the Teen Department. Enjoy!!


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