Monday, March 2, 2015

Blind Date With A Book

Last month we packaged up some books so you couldn't see the cover or, really, anything about the book (author, title, synopsis). The only clue was a generic tag saying what sort of book was inside (scary, funny, romantic, etc.). We called this Blind Date with a Book

The objective was to get people to get people to NOT judge a book by its cover, and to maybe get them to step out of their comfort zone when it came to reading. The ideal goal was that those who DID participate in a "blind date" would discover their new favorite book...or at least discover something great, something they, otherwise, may not have picked up at all.

To those who accepted the challenge of such a "blind date", we asked them to do a short review the books they read.

Here are some of those reviews:

Piper A. read Schooled, by Gordon KormanShe thought the book was good enough that she'd "date" another book by this author.
"I enjoyed reading this book. I really liked how it was told from different characters' perspectives. It was relatable and funny."

Ethan P. read The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. He was hoping for a scary book, but was disappointed by his "date".
"It was OK. There were some plot twists, but just barely enough to interest me. It was not that scary."

Mallory A. picked up an "unusual read" and ended up with Appetite for Detention by Sloane Tanen
"It was a weird book. Pipe cleaner chicks talking about relationships and high school is kinda strange."

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