Thursday, May 14, 2015

New in Teen: Big Fish

Edward Bloom lived the most legendary life ever: Surviving an encounter with a witch, outsmarting a giant that threatened his hometown, befriending a werewolf, escaping an enchanted town that no one escapes from, the magical way he met his wife, and more. And Edward was always happy to expound on his many epic adventures to his son...and, really, anyone who would listen. 

Too bad every "true" story Edward ever told was a lie.

Or was it?

When Edward is in the final days of his life, his now-grown and estranged son, William, races to his father's bedside. Not to comfort his dying father, but to demand the truth from him. However, the more William digs into his father's past, the more mysteries he uncovers and the more it appears Edward may have been telling the truth after all. But can Edward and William put their years of differences and resentment aside before it's too late?

It's been my experience that, if Tim Burton had anything to do with a movie, it would be awesome. Weird, yes, but awesome. And Big Fish was no exception. With its fantastical stroyline, fun special effects, and bittersweet ending with a twist, watching Big Fish is an entertaining way to spend the evening (or a rainy afternoon).

The Verdict: I'd most definitely recommend it! --AJB

p.s. Little known fact I discovered after the fact: Big Fish is based on a book of the same title (author Daniel Wallace...and yes, OPL does own the book too)

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