Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Program, by Suzanne Young

In Sloane's world suicide has become an epidemic. The answer to the soaring rates of depression and suicide among teenagers is- The Program. The Program is rejoiced as the solution to the loss of loved ones across the country. Sloane is no fool to the propaganda, no one that has ever returned from the program is the same. "Returners", program attendees that either showed signs of depression or attempted suicide return to society refreshed, perky, happy, and as a minor side effect can not remember past friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and major life events.

Sloane will not let this become her future. She will hide the tears and answer the daily questions they way she knows they need to be answered in order to go undetected. She will be eighteen soon and out of the reach of The Program. Or so she hopes...

If you are a fan of dystopian fiction (Hunger Games, Uglies, etc.) The Program is an excellent choice to add to your reading list. You will be rooting for Solane from beginning to end and fearful of the society that she has come to live in. The Program was not a book that I could easily put down, I really enjoyed it. However, the premises of suicide may deter or be a rough area for some readers. Suicide is not something to take lightly, if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts you should seek the comfort and advice of a trusted adult. The thought of a society that could help those who host such strong feelings that they consider harming themselves would be an asset to so many families. Young adds her own, entirely, made up, fiction twist to the idea (as in other dystopian novels) that makes you cringe at the thought of becoming an emotional vault and living in a society that would look to a program such as The Program, as the answer.

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