Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boys Don't Knit (In Public) by T. S. Easton

Boys Don’t Knit: In Public is about a young man that gets caught when his friends are doing something stupid. As a result he is sentenced to community service and continuing education. He decides to take the knitting class because his cute teacher is the instructor. When he shows up for class he discovers the teacher is the mother of a girl he has a crush on. Oops! 
He also learns that he is pretty good at knitting and he enjoys it. How will he hide his passion from his friends and his sports obsessed father? When will his parents quit embarrassing him? His community service is for an old lady that is grumpy and has a has a crazy dog that tries to bite him. Surprise Ending!
This book deals with friendship conflicts, awkward situations, etc.; living with and growing from the consequences of one’s actions, and learning to appreciate people for who they are. This book might not be for everyone. It has some mature situations.


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