Friday, July 24, 2015

You and Me and Him, by Kris Dinnison

You and Me and Himby Kris Dinnison is a very real story about friendship and first love.

Neither Maggie or Nash are popular at their school. She's overweight (but "not one of those shrinking violet fat girls") and he's openly gay. Perhaps it is their outsider status that has brought them together, perhaps it's something more. Either way, the two are best friends until the end. And Maggie always thought nothing could change that. Then Tom moves to town, and Maggie and Nash both fall for him. Will a guy come between these BFFs? Or will their friendship prevail?

The Verdict
The story was very enjoyable. Maggie is a strong, likable character, and I found myself rooting for her (I always love an underdog I can root for!). My only complaint is I felt Nash's side of the story was lacking, and the book might have been even better written using alternating viewpoints. Either way, it's a great read and we at OPL Teen very much recommend it! 

You and Me and Him can currently be found on the New shelf.--AJB

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