Friday, July 31, 2015

The Heartbreakers, by Ali Novak

If it weren't for her sister, Cara, Stella never would have been caught at a Heartbreakers autograph signing. She hates that band! But Cara is deathly sick and the Heartbreakers are her favorite band. So of course Stella wants to do something extra special to lift her sister's spirits. Thankfully, the whole experience is made easier when Stella meets a cute boy at Starbucks before the signing and sparks fly. Unfortunately they part ways before exchanging info (or even names). Stella doesn't count on seeing him again at the autograph signing as one of the band members! Turns out Starbucks Boy is none other than Oliver Perry, singer and guitarist for The Heartbreakers. Could things get any more ironic?

Turns out, yes.

Stella and her brother, who came with her to the signing, end up at the same hotel as the Heartbreakers and bump into them in the elevator. One thing leads to another and, before Stella knows it, she's hanging out with the band and kissing Oliver. Then she's joining the band on the road as their official photographer and blogger.

Things continue predictablly from here. Stella and Oliver's relationship heats up...only to be shut down by the band's manager, who forbids the boys from dating in order to "increase fan appeal." Cowardly Oliver lets it happen and regrets it. Stella is naturally heartbroken. Things, of course, work their way out by the end of the book and everything is peachy. Even Cara's failing health begins to turn around. 

The Verdict:
The Heartbreakers, by Ali Novak reads like the script for a teenage chick flick: It's cliche, it's predictable, it's packed with stock characters doing stock things...BUT, like a cheesy rom-com, it's sweet, satisfyingly enjoyable, and a true guilty pleasure to read. Fans of Jenny Han and Susan Colasanti will devour this one. --AJB

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