Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Heart Band, by Michelle Schusterman (Tween)

I Heart Band is a delightful read, especially for anyone who fondly remembers being in band, being a perfectionist, or being a middle-school kid just trying navigate the importance of friendship. 7th grader Holly has been practicing her French Horn all summer to be ready for 8th grade advanced band class. But her best friend Julia went to band camp this summer and has made a new friend, Natasha, who also plays the French Horn. What promised to be an exciting year is turning out terribly and it's all Natasha's fault.

Holly is such an adorable, funny, and heart-warming character. Also, her relationship with her mom and her older brother is well described. This book captures what it's like to deal with the ups and downs of middle school friendship like nothing else. It's also neat to think that the author really understands the middle-school age mindset.  So I highly recommend this book! This new series is full of drama, but is a great clean tween read. *JK*

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