Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NEW: Nonfiction DVDs

Think science is just for geeks (or nerds, or dorks, or whatever the current term is to refer to someone not cool)? Think again! We have just gotten a wealth of non-fiction videos that prove science is the most awesome thing ever.

Topping my list of "Must Watch" videos are, of course, Mythbusters--seasons 11 through 13. Can you survive on (and escape from) a deserted island when your only tool is Duct Tape? Does Thanksgiving turkey really make you tired? In the movie Titanic, would it have been possible for Rose and Jack to survive? Is there any truth to those crazy viral YouTube videos? Ask veteran Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jaime Hyneman as they calculate, research, and blow things up in the name of science. Every episode is entertaining, enlightening, and educational.  (p.s. My favorite moment involves Tori and a rocket-powered surfboard. Although Grant vs. a box of rats is pretty funny too). Mythbusters will bring out the wannabe scientist in anyone! Just remember: DO NOT TRY ANY OF THIS AT HOME!

For those who want something a little edgier, try Life After People. What would happen to the planet if humans suddenly became extinct? This series combines CGI animation and (seriously creepy) scientific speculation to answer the ultimate question... "What if?". Life After People is perfect for the fan of dystiopian fiction.

Want to check either (or all) of these awesome videos out? They're on the "New" shelf in the Teen Area. Still can't find them? They're probably checked out. Ask a librarian to place a hold for you.

The verdict: Science is awesome! --AJB

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