Thursday, September 3, 2015

How To Build A Hovercraft, by Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe

By now you have, perhaps, guessed that we in the OPL Teen Department totally heart science-y things. We'll take the Mythbusters over crushworthy actors or popular boy bands any day of the week. Science is awesome!

So when I stumbled upon How To Build A Hovercraft by Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe (the original Diet Coke and Mentos guys) while straightening our New Book Shelves, I was ecstatic! Could this book be as great as that viral internet video they did? You bet! Not only does this awesome volume explain the how-to of, and the science behind, the now-famous Diet Coke and Mentos experiment, but it also has a wealth of sweet tricks you can try at home. No C-4 or blast shields required. Astound your friends (and frenemies) with optical illusions... Create a Slinky from Post-It notes... Build your own Airzooka (air cannon) with nothing more than a 5-gallon bucket (or supersize it with a garbage can)... Discover the paper airplane that flies forever... And, yes, build your own hover craft that really works

Yes! Try This At Home... BUT, as with any science experiments, please take proper safety precautions when testing out the experiments in How To Build A Hovercraft.  There are warnings (see the red boxes) with each experiment. Please take them seriously! We can't stress that enough!

The Verdict: Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME!! --AJB

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