Monday, September 28, 2015

Violent Ends: A Novel In Seventeen Points of View (various authors)

Kirby Matheson loved reading, played saxophone in the high school band, had friends, had a crush on a girl (and had a different girl have a crush on him). He was a smart, quiet, thoughtful, and seemingly ordinary kid who kept out of trouble. No one could have ever predicted what would come next.

On a seemingly ordinary fall day, Kirby Matheson marched into his school's gymnasium during a pep rally and fired a gun into the crowd. Six were killed and five others were injured before Kirby turned the gun on himself. Nothing could ever be the same again.

Violent Ends: A Novel In Seventeen Perspectives tells the story of that fateful day, but it also tells so much more. Seventeen different stories, seventeen different perspectives, seventeen seemingly-unrelated puzzle pieces that, when fitted together, paints a haunting picture of a very disturbed boy and what could have driven him to commit such a horrible crime. 

Some of the well-known YA authors contributing to this masterful novel are Neal Shusterman, Beth Revis, Kendare Blake, and Shaun David Hutchinson.

The Verdict: 
Haunting, deeply disturbing, and unforgettable. Give to fans of Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. --AJB

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